Top Quality

Protocol in Plano, TX is a men’s upscale resale store that brings you top quality apparel and wares at unbeatable prices. We’re proud to be the first and only in our area!

All Ages

Protocol is a boutique for all ages to shop - whether you’re just out of college and looking for affordable luxury, wanting to refresh your wardrobe, update your golf course attire, or need professional outfits for work and special occasions, we have you covered.

Plano Partners

Protocol is partnered with Closet Revival, a ladies’ upscale resale store that has been serving Plano and the North Texas community since 2010. Our clients have been asking for a men’s upscale resale store for years, and we decided it was finally time to branch out! We’re carrying over the same attention to detail, quality, and tailored customer service at Protocol, and we greatly look forward to your visit.

Cash Up-Front

Want to clean out your closet? Get cash up front for your items, and eliminate the headache of selling by yourself online. We’ll make the process quick, easy, and painless! Check our Selling Page for details on what we’re buying and what our process looks like.

Consignment Available

For certain top dollar luxury items depending on the label, desirability, and original retail price, we can discuss consignment options. Consignment differs from resale - items that are consigned require a contract and an agreed price, and money is paid to the client upon sale of the item, not up front.

For any questions about our process, please refer to our Selling Page or Contact Us.