Our pieces online are just a few of what we have available. Visit our store to see our full collection or to sell to us. 


What We’re Buying Now

Bring in your winter items!

Sweaters, jackets, long sleeve shirts, jeans, loafers, boots, dress shoes, sneakers, and accessories (leather belts, watches, wallets, bags, briefcases, sunglasses)

We’re Looking For

  • Like-new condition, current styles (no more than 3 years old)
  • Clothing appropriate for the current or upcoming season
  • Items that are clean and ready to be put out onto the racks
  • Authentic designer fashion
  • General Clothing Sizes: XS – 4XL
  • Blazers/Sports Coats: 30 – 52
  • Slacks/Shorts: 28 – 52
  • Shoes: 8 - 15

      We Don’t Buy...

      • Clothing that’s been in your closet for more than three years regardless of the brand or original price, even if it has original tags and has not been worn.
      • Pajamas, swimwear, socks, undershirts, and underwear
      • Real furs
      • Scrubs
      • Replicas of designer/luxury items (fakes)
      • Children’s clothing and shoes
      • Junior brands and styles
      • Women’s clothing, accessories, and shoes (come see Closet Revival next door!)
      • Clothing with missing buttons or broken closures
      • Clothing with stains, pulls, pills, pet hair, or bad odors (mothballs, cigarette smoke, mold etc.)

      Buying Process - Drop, Dash, & Donate!

      • Come by with your items in laundry baskets, shopping bags, or on hangers and we'll have a form for you to fill out and sign.
      • You may choose to donate any items we don’t purchase, OR choose to have us pre-sort your items and return the pieces we will not be buying. Pre-sorting is first come, first served.
      • Once you've dropped off your items we will call you back by the next business day with a cash offer for what we'd like to buy.

      You always have a choice to accept the offer or take your items back. We love win-win situations- your fair offer and our customers’ great deals. We’ll do our best to accommodate you, because it’s our goal to provide a positive experience and to purchase your items! We will, however, purchase items based upon customer demand.

      We sincerely appreciate you looking over our buying information.  While we are extremely selective in the inventory we accept, the process allows us to provide the best quality items at the best price possible. Thank you!


      Current Buying Hours

      You can drop off anytime between 11am – 4pm Tuesday through Friday. 

      You can also drop off on the weekend (Saturday/Sunday) and we will reach out to you by next Tuesday.


      What’s the difference between resale, consignment, and thrift?

      Resale stores purchase used goods for cash up front. Consignment stores have contracted agreements with their clients, require them to bring in a certain number of items, and give customers cash after the item has sold.  Thrift stores accept donations and then sell the donated goods.


      History In The Community

      Our sister store Closet Revival has been a part of Plano and North Texas community for 10 years. Our team at both stores strives to conduct our business with honesty and transparency- customer trust is an utmost priority for us, and we take pride in building relationships with our customers and our community. We plan to build our clientele at Protocol the same way, by establishing a genuine connection built on openness and trust. Closet Revival has had thousands of clients, with many repeat clients and regulars who have been bringing inventory to us for years. Whether buying or selling, your satisfaction is our priority, and we hope to be your first choice!

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